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Sugar Steals!

Posted by leahtard on March 27, 2009

I have decided to write about a really horrid experience I had with a company I “Pimped” out.  All I can say is I am sorry, I should have seen this coming this is the type of people they are and it took me way to long to realize it.  To save you all from this sordid 45 min story here is the Reader’s Digest version.

In December I bought a gift card from Sugar Salon for use at Sugar Salon for the price of $130.00.  The card could be used on service or product totaling that amount at a later date.  Sugar closed it’s doors in very early March  before the card could be used, (there was a appointment to use it the following week.)

I received a e-mail from one of the owners stating that they were selling the product that was left at Sugar.  This to me seemed a perfect opportunity for me to use my gift card – it was not.    I was told by Jody that they, the Salon could not afford to “give away” product.

This seriously irritated me because they had no problem taking my “donation/money,”  to use how they say fit.  To have the absolute audacity to state they would be “giving away” product makes me livid.  Not only that, after attempting to argue my “case” with them.  I was barraged with nasty e-mail’s that I would not even read in a outhouse.  The language was so filthy and derogatory one could only attribute the knowledge of such drivel to someone who has spent most of there time with the slum of the earth.

Angry!  Yes, I am!  I am angry I was taken advantage of and angry that there is nothing I can do about it.  I can state that no matter what stealing is stealing and they have thieved from many and will have to live with that…….maybe one day they will quite being mad at everyone else and realize that they are the ones with the problem.

One Response to “Sugar Steals!”

  1. leahtard said

    Anonymous said
    March 27, 2009 at 4:29 pm e

    Poor, poor business practices.
    That is all I can say. I know of two separate instances now where people have bought gift cards (up to only one week before the salon was closing) for large sums of money. Sugar refused to return the money or honor the gift cards. They should not have even been selling gift cards for an unstable business. In addition, a close friend of mine was left with no hair appointment only months before her high school graduation. She had to find out from another local salon that Sugar went out of business because they did not even have the courtesy to call their customers to inform them that their appointments would, obviously, be cancelled. That is no way to run a company, and with ethics like that it is no wonder they went under.

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