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Wanna little SUGAR?

Posted by leahtard on May 27, 2008

Just recently a girlfriend of mine and her husband, (Jody and Mclean Swift) had a dream to open a hair salon. As we all know lots and lots of hair dressers do this, some succeed and some do not we have all watched salons come and go. This salon is different and that is a promise. I know that we will be hearing much more of them and that they are going to be leaders in this industry, (at least locally) not to mention how much other business can learn from them.

Sugar Salon & Aesthetics

204 – 14 Crystal Ridge Drive Okotoks, Alberta

Phone: 403-995-0692


To start with there are a few things that set this salon apart. The first being that the owners are not hair dressers. Jody is a teacher on Maternity leave and Mclean is a designer. Now husband and wife teams are not so uncommon but these two together have come up with a few ideas that are stellar. Jody is one of those people who is always thinking and re-thinking scenarios, (it may be the drama background) and as a mom who also works can relate as well to how hard it can be to make life “fit”. Sugar has come up with something called ……drum roll please!

Mommy Mondays
On Mondays, Sugar provides child care in the salon! In a room created for children! FREE OF CHARGE! Did you get that ladies! FREE OF CHARGE! Obviously Mondays book up quickly so knowing what you need and when you need it is a good thing!

Secondly they have something called seat sales.

Seat Sales

Seat sales are almost better than Mommy Mondays, and if you have kids in school or no kids at all then this is up your alley. Sugar has a website, www.sugarsalon.ca and if you go in this website and click on Seat Sales it will show you all the stylists that are avaliable for the next day. So for example: Let’s say it is Tuesday night you are all of a sudden having a hair panic – or whatever – and want to get yo hair done on Wednesday. All you have to do is go on the Sugar website, www.sugarsalon.ca click on Seat Sales and up will come a list of the stylists available for Wednesday, and what they are avaliable for. The best part of this is that if you call and make a appointment first thing Wednesday morning and if you get in you will get 25% off you’re service! And that is a beautiful thing. (Of course if you do not have time to do the checking or maybe wait a day or two to get into you’re stylist then you are beat……..but not to worry Sugar does a great job with different promotions, but you have to watch for them and check the website or watch the paper if you are local to Okotoks.)

Some other things I like about the Sugar is that the space is beautiful and has been well thought out, (it by no means looks like a IKEA catalog, which I find many salons do.) The stylists are professional and very experienced. The cuts and colours that I have seen done are fantastic! I have not had a Manni or Peddi yet, but I will get there, (they are also apart of the Seat Sales.)

3 Responses to “Wanna little SUGAR?”

  1. Anne Patterson said

    Hey Jodie and Mclean,
    My Name is Anne and I own a little hair salon in Calgary called Pixie chix hair Co. I am shocked at the recent news of the salon and having been through my fair share of finacial stress,so I hope you guys are doing O.K.; I know how hard it is believe me! I have a very small space in calgary and may possibly be interested in the purchase of the salon. Laurie is going to contact you and if this is an idea you are willing to entertain I would love to meet with you both.
    Regards, Anne 403-471-3330

  2. Anonymous said

    The Salon went under due to false promises from the management to the staff…the team worked well together and clients came first however a lack of presence and maturity from the owners is what made this business fail…you can find Janelle and Alicia at Elements Spa in Okotoks and Shea and Page at Hue Salon in Okotoks…

  3. Anonymous said

    Poor, poor business practices.
    That is all I can say. I know of two separate instances now where people have bought gift cards (up to only one week before the salon was closing) for large sums of money. Sugar refused to return the money or honor the gift cards. They should not have even been selling gift cards for an unstable business. In addition, a close friend of mine was left with no hair appointment only months before her high school graduation. She had to find out from another local salon that Sugar went out of business because they did not even have the courtesy to call their customers to inform them that their appointments would, obviously, be cancelled. That is no way to run a company, and with ethics like that it is no wonder they went under.

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