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The Secret World of Paris?

Posted by leahtard on December 13, 2007


The kids have been having so much fun going to the mail box everyday to check for post cards from traveling family. I think soon we will have to notify Ripley’s Believe it or Not, for having the most post cards sent in one year!
Now here is something I think anybody could be proud of. I was informed the other day by one Vivian Grace Leadbeater that her and I needed to go to Paris, France so that we could speak French to everyone. You are probably thinking ooooooohh, how clever that a 5 year old would have ambition like this and I have to admit that that is what I thought as well.
Viv was given a huge puzzle map and every morning and every evening when we are in her room she asks me what places are what, I have to say that along with France, Germany and Denmark (we talked about Italy and it’s boot shape yesterday,) she is really starting to remember where places are. I said to Glenn the other day that she will probably be the only kid in grade 1 next year that can name all the country’s in Africa. I am not kidding, I can not say thank-you enough because I am certain this map is by far one of the best gifts Viv has ever received.
Now back to France and my oh-so-clever child. So I says to Vivian, (very cheeky, like)
“We will have to wait till after grade 5, because that is when immersion starts in the Catholic school out here.”
Vivian’s reply to me was that she already knew French because she learned it on Dora. All she has to do when she gets to Paris is make sure she is wearing a hat and scarf and say…………drum roll please…………bonjour!
Last winter I read the children’s classic The Secret World of Og, by Pierre Burton. I know that this book may or may not have had any barring on the “Paris talk” as it were. But I think she believes that much like the little green men in Burton’s book that only say one word. “Og.” So to the French. Yes it would be funny to say it was just the French but it would be my guess that she thinks all country’s with different languages only speak one word. Except of course Mexico, because that is where Dora comes from and everyone knows that Dora knows more than one word!

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