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Holiday Reno’s

Posted by leahtard on August 26, 2007

Well we had a fantastic holiday, lots of warm weather out at the Shuswap and lots of books were read. The kids had a fantastic time and I even Kayaked out to Copper Island a few times. But – and there is always a but, we had to come home early because our basement is being developed and the contractors were way ahead of schedule. (Marshmann Contracting, out of High River is amazing.)

The plan was to go on holidays for the whole month of August while our basement and stairs were being developed and switched out. I know this may sound a little extravagant but, I like a long holiday – who does not, plus my little girl is asthmatic and we did not think she could handle all of the dust that comes with Reno’s. Soooooo…… we had to come back early, the Electrician was coming in and Glenn needed to be here for reasons only he is sure of, but I do know that he needs special plug ins in special places to accommodate his soon to be music room and every other room because he has a old radio fetish.

Thus here we are in a very dusty house that no matter what I do helps to keep the dust down and a little girl who is on sneezee street. School starts this week and I am not sure if I should let Vivian start school or just go out to the farm for a few days. Then again the drywalling has not even started yet so the worst is definitely yet to come.

5 Responses to “Holiday Reno’s”

  1. Stephanie said

    Oh poor girl! I hope it all goes smoothly and quickly so she can start feeling better soon!

  2. chelle said

    awww sneezees are no fun!
    Glad you had a wonderful vacation! I am so envious!

  3. I’m glad you’re finally back. I missed you! Can you come visit on a Sat. while I’m working?

  4. Josie said

    Glad you had a wonderful long vacation. Happy to hear you found such a reliable contractor and very sorry to hear about all the sneezes.
    Welcome back.

  5. Damselfly said

    Wow, the kayaking sounds great! It would be wonderful to go away for so long. I hope things settle down for your little girl so she can get off “sneezee street,” heehee!

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