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Je ne sais pas, why everything has to be so complicated!

Posted by leahtard on July 11, 2007

Je ne sais pas if it is genetic or if it is some innate thing in my personality, but more often than not I make things way to complicated. I can turn the simplest thing in to quite the production, (it is not so much that I am a drama queen because I’m really not.) It is more along the lines of wanting everything to be perfect/magical. At first this often drives people nuts about me simply because I can not settle with the mundane or the plain, everything needs to have meaning and be the best or most perfect that it can be. Now, everyone often makes fun of me and “Leah’s magical moments”, I don’t really mind because it suits who I am and who I want to be. But I do have to admit that “we” do get a lot of mileage out of it.

I like to put most of this down to being the first born and my parents need to over compensate for my somewhat dubious entrance into the world, (I may or may not go into this at a later date, needless to say it is not a “new” story, but it is mine.) Anyway, I have this need to be first – so I always walk really fast so I can be in front. Viv and I will actually be walking down our hall and both of us will be running by the end of it so we can get to the kitchen first! Truthfully I even tripped her once so I could win! I hate losing and since having kids I have had to really work on my piss poor attitude, (just so you know I am failing miserably because Vivian is very much like me in this and Alex is a close second.) Glenn…..well he is not competitive, which is probably why we get along so well, it is most probably the reason we very rarely argue, what would I argue with him about? It just does not matter to him if he does not win. Yes, crazy I know.

I also like to be the best mommy. I’d like to say on the block but what I really mean is of everyone I know. I want the cleanest house the happiest kids, the shiniest windows and do not get me started on my car……oh dear! I do realize that I am a psychologist’s dream and have thought about this a lot, talked about it a lot, been made fun of a lot and have decided that I do not care because I like me…….. so there!


5 Responses to “Je ne sais pas, why everything has to be so complicated!”

  1. Well, that’s all that really matters now isn’t it?

  2. chelle said

    How I relate … and it totally is all that matters is that you are who you are and love it 🙂

  3. Damselfly said

    Are you saying this is a problem? 😉

  4. Stephanie said

    If this is you… then this is how I love you. Even with all your unique quirks and your “leah-isms”.

  5. What? There’s a PROBLEM with wanting to be best?


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