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Kama-Kazi Sliding!

Posted by leahtard on June 12, 2007

My almost 3 year old has a birthday coming up in late July, but we go on holiday for most of August so often Alexander gets his gifts from grandma and grandpa early so he has a chance to enjoy them before summer is done, (with them it’s go big or go home)! Two years ago he got a bouncy house and last year he got a “John Deere” motorized tractor, this year was the year of the View this montage created at One True Media
Dual Raceway Water Slide! Needless to say it was a roaring success. Not only because the kids can go on it but because it will hold a combined weight of 400lbs! Do you know what that means!!!!! Yes, it’s true, I and my friends will be on it – racing our afternoons away, (in between margarita slushes).

With out a doubt these things are expensive, (though g’ma and g’pa bought ours, I recommend you con yours to do the same). I have not seen my children or for that matter any of the children in the neighborhood in two days, because all “I have to do is look out my back door to see one whip down the slide after another. WOOOOOHOOOOOO! Every hour or so I provide refreshment in popsicle form and they are good to go again!


8 Responses to “Kama-Kazi Sliding!”

  1. That looks fun!

  2. chelle said

    Wow!! That totally looks fun!

  3. Josie said

    That looks like a blast!! If I lived closer I’d be racing the kids to get back to the top.

  4. Stephanie said

    Wooo hooo. I think your parents are going to have to make a call to my parents, LOL, and convince then to do the same things for my kids, he he he.

  5. Robyn said

    Leah – I think your parents should call my parents – my nephew and nieces would loooooooooooove this!

  6. Kris said

    Oh my gosh!!! I soooo want one of those.

  7. Jessie said

    I wish! Does your family want to adopt me? (Oh and my kids too of course!)

  8. Jessie said

    We may have to sneak into your backyard, when you hear the giggles…make the frosty drinks!

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