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To Growing Up or Not To Grow Up.

Posted by leahtard on June 18, 2007

As my children get older I hear more and more how fast they grow up. As a matter of fact I get the opportunity everyday to watch it happen right before my eyes. My husband Glenn, who I think is by far the best father in the whole world is always telling Vivian that he wishes she would stay four for ever. Most little kids it always seems to me want to grow up, and fast! But Vivian she will sit with her daddy and lament about growing up and how she does not want to.

I get sad too when I think of my little peanuts growing-up, but at the same time I love each stage more than the last and have more fun with my kids with every passing day. Maybe it is because I get to stay at home with them or maybe because I am a mom who really enjoys her children, I am not sure. Either way there are few things I would rather be doing than hanging out with my kids and other moms who hold similar thoughts.

Lately I have been hearing a lot about children growing up and how sad it makes us, but this is what I want you to think about. Be thankful that they are growing up. Growing in mind, body and spirit. Be thankful that they are slowly growing away from you. Be thankful they are pushing the boundaries and trying to gain independence. I have seen way too may children who will be 1, 2, 3 even 4 years old forever because of some mental “incapacity” as it were. Do not get me wrong I love diversity, I love that our children have different needs and different personalities, some very strong and some very mild and others in between.

I am a strong advocate of diversity in the classroom and creating/having it in life. Why? Well, because it is what makes us strong! Obviously not in the sense of physically strong, more along the lines of teaching us how to live strong. How to be excepting, compassionate, forgiving and most importantly of all loving. Differences in every form, no matter how small teach us tolerance and acceptance, something we do not have enough of in the world today. Children have the amazing ability to facilitate this simply by being.

I would have to say I have never met a child who was not loving and willing to give of themselves, it seems that even through hardship children have amazing resiliency and ability to forgive. A inborn quality that would surpass that of most any adult on the planet today. So, I guess that we will miss our children, it is part of our job as parents to morn their growing up but do we want them to say children? No. When they grow, so do we, the blessing in all this is that we get to do it together.

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Kama-Kazi Sliding!

Posted by leahtard on June 12, 2007

My almost 3 year old has a birthday coming up in late July, but we go on holiday for most of August so often Alexander gets his gifts from grandma and grandpa early so he has a chance to enjoy them before summer is done, (with them it’s go big or go home)! Two years ago he got a bouncy house and last year he got a “John Deere” motorized tractor, this year was the year of the View this montage created at One True Media
Dual Raceway Water Slide! Needless to say it was a roaring success. Not only because the kids can go on it but because it will hold a combined weight of 400lbs! Do you know what that means!!!!! Yes, it’s true, I and my friends will be on it – racing our afternoons away, (in between margarita slushes).

With out a doubt these things are expensive, (though g’ma and g’pa bought ours, I recommend you con yours to do the same). I have not seen my children or for that matter any of the children in the neighborhood in two days, because all “I have to do is look out my back door to see one whip down the slide after another. WOOOOOHOOOOOO! Every hour or so I provide refreshment in popsicle form and they are good to go again!

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“Gun it!”

Posted by leahtard on June 4, 2007

I may get a fare amount of flack for this but I do not have a real problem with guns. Maybe it is because my husbands family are farm people and I have had close family with farms in the past or because in the “good old days” when you took outdoor. ed “they” (as in the school) actually took you out to the range and taught you to shoot, to take care of, and clean a gun. Either way I think when taught to use one properly it is a good skill to have. I will let my brother in law, (an avid gun enthusiast/collector) teach Vivian and Alex how to use one and, (cover your eye’s and hold your breath) shoot something like a gopher or bunny or bird or – the list could go on for ever. My reasons why are quite simple. Because they are going to be around guns probably for the rest of their lives and because at the farm they slaughter and go hunting. It is important for my children to have a basic knowledge of how a gun is used and to know that it is not a toy. (I do not let my kids play at shooting each other and I do not buy water guns, but they do have squirt bottles.)

Are their ways to teach this with out killing something? Probably, but not with the same impact. My kids will be around guns and have to know the seriousness of them, and if they end up crying because of it then I hope the message will be that this stuff is serious shit! Maybe if I tell Brian it has to be a bunny that they kill, then we could eat it and use the skin for a hat and the bones for forks or something, then it would not be quite so senseless. I don’t know if I could eat a bunny, a poor little helpless and defenseless bunny. Oh dear I just might barf at the senselessness of it all. Maybe it’s the political correctness that makes me not feel right or the fact that “we” are so far removed from the slaughter of the meat that we eat most everyday. No longer do we kill our own food, it is done for us.

I think the thought of somebody, some real person that you might actually know killed a living thing on purpose does not sit well with much of society today. Unless of course it’s that luscious 18 pound turkey that was farm raised, organic grain fed and slaughtered in the most humane way. This same turkey we most carefully break apart bread for, let dry, season it and then stuff it up the turkey’s arse till it is packed in so tight we have to sew the damn bird back together! Hmmmm, sounds humane. Then we bake it for hours on end basting the turkey in it’s own boiling juices hoping for the tenderest meat and crispiest skin. To top it all off we lovingly partner it with all of our favorite fruit, veggies and pies!

By and by, do I mean that every Tom, Dick and Harry, should own a gun or have access to one. No! I think that their should be mandatory testing – just like for your learners and then another for your drivers. Something like “Hey I just started to shoot so stay away from me.” To something like. “Hey I have been doing this for a while and am responsible and can be trusted, and probably wont kill you or myself!”

I did not think the “gun registry” was worth while only because it was put in to action so poorly, but in theory it was a good idea. I do not want every child, adult or both to have access to one. I do not think owning a gun is a “right”, and if you have been to jail you should NEVER be able to own a gun. But I do believe in raising responsible and informed children and for me, them knowing how to use a firearm is part of that.

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