Not actually a tard.

How well do you know me.

Posted by leahtard on May 31, 2007

*Sorry I am still trying to figure out how I have messed up my video capture.

I see these things all over the place and finally decided to do one.

20 years ago I was 14 in Jr. High and competed and coached gymnastics.

15 years ago I was 19, living in Medicine Hat going to College and working at Spruce Meadows in the summer. I thought I was really “hot shit!”

10 years ago I was 24, living in Calgary with my best friend Tracy, having the time of my life with no worries, no concerns, (except that rent was paid and making it to work on time) and of course partying as much as possible. (Still working at Spruce Meadows in the Summer).

5 years ago I had been married for 2 years lost 2 babies and another on the way. Praying to God everyday that this one would “stick.” All my dreams of having a little girl became a reality, what more could anybody want!

4 years ago I was pregnant with baby number 4, praying to the great white porcelain God morning noon and night. All the while hoping for another “Bonnie Bunny.”

3 years ago I was thanking the good Lord above because He knew that what you ask for is not always what your really want or need. He sent me a little “Peter Rabbit.” So I would live and know the joy a little boy could bring. (That is one wish that I will be eternally grateful was not granted.)

2 years ago I was totally obsessed with my children, (still am). I started taking Kayaking and Jazz classes. I have realized that I am not the center of the universe. But in our family we have our turns being the center of each others lives and then sometimes we are the satellites.

1 year ago I was missing my baby girl because she started school. Where has the time gone. 1 year ago I was horrified because my 2 year old boy could swim better than my 3 year old girl. He had no problem jumping of the diving board, where he would pop right back up and swim about 3 meters to me. (All under the recommendation/supervision of his swim instructor – she said. “Leah he can do this.”

6 months ago we were getting ready for our “best Christmas ever.” Both kids finally “get it”, and we were so excited.

2 weeks ago I started having my summer “pool parties” again. Hooray!! I had the chance to meet family I had never met before – amazing – and one of my closest friends, Nicole has to go back to work just when we were getting to know on another again and I already miss her horribly:(

1 week ago we were stuck in the house for days because it was raining and I thought I was going to go cuckoo so I traveled to Lethbridge to see my friend before she goes back to work.

1 day ago I was steam cleaning my carpets and on the advice of a close friend (see above) added vinegar to the cleaning solution (because this would make it cleaner)? Don’t ask. I thought I had pissed my carpet cleaner because the vinegar caused a chemical reaction with the Bissell Multi Allergin cleaning solution (in the green bottle) and congealed in my cleaner clogging up the tubes. It turned into something like white glue just as it is starting to set. Because on occasion I have moments of genius I was able to fix it – all by myself. Though I did have a handy lie all ready for Glenn when he came back from music class. I am glad I did not have to use it because, one I am a suckie lier and always get caught and two I always tell on myself in the end because I can’t handle the pressure, (which is why I always get caught). I am such a dough head – that of course was not a moment of genius.

Today I had a pool party and all us moms were jealous that the kids could go on the Wet Banana and we could not. Well we could but that would take more liquor than I have and I think I would literally piss myself if I were to actually do it much less see it.

Tomorrow I intend to love my children and my husband more than I did today.


6 Responses to “How well do you know me.”

  1. chelle said

    awww love the ending … quite the adventure!

  2. Damselfly said

    I love this! I also love “Tomorrow I intend to love my children and my husband more than I did today.” Isn’t that what it’s all about? πŸ˜‰

  3. Damselfly said

    PS I love that you and your husband take classes

  4. I think I knew all of that. πŸ˜‰ Especially the vinegar part!

  5. Jessie May said

    See: All My problems start with Cleaning. πŸ™‚
    Hugs to you as you have always looked past the worst and made the most of the blessings. You are my Hero, and I mean that with all my heart.

  6. Catherine said

    This is very cool! Thanks for sharing your life like that…

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