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Cellular Memory?

Posted by leahtard on May 23, 2007

Have you ever heard of “cellular memory”?

Definition by Todd Carroll: Cellular memory is the speculative notion that human body cells contain clues to our personalities, tastes and histories, independently of either genetic codes or brain cells.
Have you ever met someone and thought. “I know this person, I can feel it inside of me.” Now in most cases when we meet people we have never met we brush this off, I for one have never believed in “de ja vue” or a lot of the “hocus pocus” that many people subscribe to today, a lot of that touchy feely crap makes me a little queezy. I am so tired of the mentality of people who say. “But I am happy, so it must be good.” Or. “But, I want to do it.” Get real people! By only caring about yourself you are probably doing more harm than good. I am not saying I do not believe in God or our innate intuitive ability, because I do. I have a very strong faith in God and the gifts he has given us all. What I do not believe in is the person who will tell you they can see the future or speak to the dead. I think that this is really creepy and frankly down right disturbing! I do believe in right and wrong, but not at the cost of morality. The moral high ground is so often much harder to discern because it is bungled in this quagmire we call life and our own personal experiences needs and wants. (Oooop’s damn I did it again, me and these darn fingers.)

Last week I had the opportunity to meet family I had never met before. They were amazing, gracious, kind and warm. In short they were everything I had imagined that they would be. They embraced me and made me feel comfortable and safe. They opened their arms to me to help me feel whole. It was obvious that these parents love their children and that the children love each other, you could feel that their was a connectedness between them that comes with long love and long friendships. This is the type of family I think we should aspire to.

While I sat with this family I had a feeling I had never in my life had before. It was as though I knew these people and had always. I felt kinship with them, and somewhere in my body that I had my whole life refused to recognize or put word to, that I knew them. Not physically of course, that was not possible but on some cellular level my heart cried out to me wanting me to recognize the connection. The connection that was deeper than what I could see, it was what I could feel. It was what I knew.

Thank you to this family for being brave and courageous and to taking the steps to know me. Thank you to this family for making me feel like family!


9 Responses to “Cellular Memory?”

  1. So, who are they?

  2. chelle said

    hmm interesting … not sure I would believe it unless I experienced it!

  3. Tracy said

    Glad you feel so much “welcomeness” with your new “family” members and hope the relationship blossoms and grows throughout the years and the past and present can combine into a beautiful future for everyone.

  4. Catherine said

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful experience! And, “hmmm, facinating!” about cellular memory….

  5. snowflake37 said

    I have experienced something similar before, but I don’t believe it was as profound as your experience.
    I’m glad you had such a wonderful time with your new “family” members.

  6. Damselfly said

    Thanks — this is my something new learned for the day. Cellular memory. I like it. And I know just what you mean!

  7. Jessie May said

    It sounds very profound and I certainly am curious. I hope to hear more. Similar situations have happened to me usually at times in my life when I needed or was searching for something. Some people come into your life and impact it so much that your life course can be altered to a place where it needed to be to pull you from the quagmire of life. I understand your stand on the moral Highground, it is a slippery slope but not immpossible to stand on with faith and truth and the will to stand by your own moral code.

  8. Tricia said

    Hi Leah

    You Know I believe in this very thing but with my research and findings and basic opinion I believe that we all have soul families.
    It like before we are born our souls are together and we decide that in the next life we will once again meet and be there for each other. THat is why I think we have soul mates and friends we have known for many lifetimes. Like when you look into the eyes of your child, your spouse, your mother, you feel as if there is a connection greater then anything you have ever known. Maybe in your last life your mother was your best friend and you were there for each other helping each other grow and advance as souls, to get stronger and gain knowledge. Then in this lifetime you meet again this time in different relationships.
    With our soul families sometimes we meet up and sometimes we don’t SOmetimes just when we need them the most to help us thorugh a very dificult time in our life or to be there for the long haul.

    I think we have many souls in our soul families and in each lifetime we have something to learn or someone to help. I think we choose who we will be born too and the path the we will start out on. As souls choose to meet up and be there for each other some of us at different levels then others depending on the lessons we need to learn and the trials we need to go through to grow,

    ANyway. Let me know what you think of this.

    Patricia Gratttan

  9. Jessie May said

    Ok, So Understand now. And so Happy for you!

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