Not actually a tard.


Posted by leahtard on May 18, 2007

I am not even opened for business yet and here’s how it’s goin.

Thurs – $180.00

Fri – $200.00

Sat – ?

Pic’s to come

Saturday – just about $1000. – and I still have people who owe me money.  I am taking the rest of clothes to consignment.  I will hope to get another $200.00.


3 Responses to “Numbers”

  1. Stephanie said

    ha ha! I’m having a yard sale too! We had one this morning and we’ll have one tomorrow morning too. Although we’re not making nearly as much money because we’re not selling furniture or anything like that. It’s more like nic-nac items and random items that we just need to get rid of. A LOT of $0.25 items. I’ve already made $50.00 too and I was only out there for a few hours. Yay for me. I keep my stuff clean too. I hate going to yard sales and having to ‘dig’ my way through it. I think it shoul dbe like a normal store, everything displayed, like you’re trying to sell it. That’s my theory.

  2. Congrats. Have fun! It’s going to thunderstorm here today so I hope you stay dry!

  3. chelle said

    Wow you are good 🙂

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