Not actually a tard.

Garage Sale!

Posted by leahtard on May 17, 2007

I am having a garage sale and it will be stellar – because everything I do is – well, mostly anyway! Tomorrow when I finally have everything “organized” to my satisfaction I will take a picture so that everybody can know just how to do one of these things and actually make money. My first g-sale made me $1300..

My secret is KEEP IT CLEAN.

Secondly I keep all my receipts and warranties so I can give them when I sell the product, (people like that).

Third be organized, don’t ever let your tables look sparse, “they” can smell desperation. Reorganize and shifty items as you sell and keep like products together – nobody likes a dirty cat. Get rid of tables as they empty so you always look like you have stuff.

Do not be afraid to bargain/lower your price or offer a lower price. I have left many a garage sale because “granny” was not ready to let go of her vintage rolling pin quite yet.

Get rid of it that is the goal, don’t be afraid you will feel better once you de-clutter!

I’ll let you know how much I make.


4 Responses to “Garage Sale!”

  1. MMTaM's mom said

    Good luck with your garage sale.

  2. Have fun! We always make a killing too, but I think it’s just because we don’t have crap and everyone wants our stuff!

  3. chelle said

    I so wish we could have a garage sale! Darn Apartment living!

    Good Luck!

  4. Catherine said

    Ah, I love garage sales. Holding them, and shopping at them. Have fun!

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