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April Fool

Posted by leahtard on May 8, 2007


I love candy. You know the stuff at 7-11 in the little bins, where everything is 10 cents or less. Yum Yum! I don’t buy or eat it so much any more but in my younger days, (24-25 years old) nothing could quite make me quiver in ecstasy quite like a jujube cherry coke-a- cola bottle or even better those little Red Hot jujubes or maybe if I was really lucky we would go to Banff National Park and go to Welch’s Candy store and I would get a little 1/4 pound bag of super mini jawbreakers, (they are the size of this “O” and are wonderfully sugary sweet concoctions that taste delicious and have just the right density, so you are not sure if the candy is hard or soft). I’m getting all hot just thinking about it. Oh the days when you could eat anything.

March 31st, 1999, Glenn invited me over for dinner and a movie, which was no big deal he always did that. He rented the Red Violin which though a movie I really liked, is probably the longest in the world. After dinner Glenn popped in the movie, then about 1/2 hour into it asked me if I wanted a treat, naturally I told him yes. He comes back to the couch with one of those little “SURPRISE” candy bags. The ones where you pay $5.00 for the candy bag and get $1.50 worth of stuff, let me say RIP OFF! But we all fall for it at one time or another, ( maybe me more than most). Soon as Glenn hands me the bag I rip into it like a shark at a feeding frenzy, candy spilled all over my lap and me happily gobbling away. I look up to see Glenn looking at me with something akin to disgust and maybe a little worry.

Here is our conversation

L: What’s wrong?

G: Nothing.

L: Would you like some candy?

G: No. Um mm, Leah, where is the bag?

L: On the floor, you know if you wanted some candy you could have asked instead of staring at me, that’s very rude you know?

G: Are you sure there is nothing else in the bag?

L: No it’s all in my lap, here have some.

G: I don’t want any, but are you sure that is all that was in the bag, did you really eat all the candy?

I can now hear in his voice that he is getting very excited and not in a good way. He picks up the discarded bag and tries to get more ahhh, candy out of it – I can see he is upset – and I have had just about enough of his attitude.

L: If you wanted some all you had to do was ask! It’s not nice to stare at a person while they are eating, it’s so rude!

We finish the movie and I go to bed. Glenn rips apart the couch trying to find my engagement ring, and hoping beyond all hope that in my frenzy that I did not eat it. About 30 minutes later he found it, it had slid down the inside of the couch. Needless to say I did not get my ring that night, Glenn now had to come up with some other magical way to give me my ring – and if you know me everything has to be magical!

The next morning Glenn wakes me up at what I think is 8:00am on April Fool’s Day, because once again he has decided it is time to take me ring shopping (it is actually 6:00am, but he knows that once he asks me we will have to drive out to the farm and then back into town to tell both our family’s). He has turned back every clock in the house, including the one in my phone and car – the man is a little loony – he is now following me around the house asking me how much longer I am going to be. At one point he even watched me blow dry my hair for about 5 minutes. In my brain I’m thinking I can’t stand this he is driving me nuts, this has got to stop or I am going to scream! Finally I am ready and very tired, we go into the boot room where Glenn kneels down to help me put on and zip up my boots. He has always done this so I think nothing of it. Then he says. “I don’t think we need to go ring shopping today, I think this ring will do, Leah will you marry me”?

Dear Mary, Mother of God! It’s the great big, shiny, beautiful, perfect ring I wanted from Spence Diamonds. “Yes”! “Yes, of course I will”!

A moment later I realize that it is April Fool’s Day and I say to Glenn. “I don’t care what you say I’m not giving this back”.

Glenn looked at me with a silly smirk on his face and said. “It sure would make for a good story though”.

A few days later I asked Glenn when he bought the ring and do you know what he said? “Before we left the store, the first time we saw it”.

What did I tell you about torment, depending on the situation it can be a beautiful thing.

Then they lived happily ever after. The End.


5 Responses to “April Fool”

  1. Josie said

    That is a funny and beautiful story. The pictures of you two are very nice as well – you’re gorgeous.
    Very happy for you and your husband..

  2. Jessie said

    That is the sweetest love story. I have met 3 couples who remind me of you and Glenn (in their 80’s) One is Dave’s aunt Grace and Uncle Guy. He still calls her his bride to this day (married over 50 years) and she still will walk through blizzards to be with him for even a few moments (he is in LTC) The other 2 couples have made me almost cry with their love and devotion to one another and I have been privliaged to witness this because of my work. This kind of love is hope for us all. You have something very special. I think it is very sweet that Glenn helps you with your footware, it is one more way he shows you that you are loved. On a side bar, Candy Glenn? You are indeed lucky it was not eaten! I could almost picture the whole event. You Two Rock.

  3. Stephanie said

    Ohhh that is so sweet!!!!! I can’t believe he led you on for months thinking that you weren’t going to get that ring. I would have kicked him, LOL! Very sweet though!

  4. chelle said

    Great pics! Such a sweet story!!!

  5. I didn’t remember that candy story!

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