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Torment. Sometimes it’s good for the soul.

Posted by leahtard on May 5, 2007

Sometimes, is the operative word here. I do not agree with or condone anybody being bullied or abused, but to be tormented can mean so many different things to many different people depending on what context one puts the torment in. In this particular case I am referring to myself and my way over inflated ego. To which I blame my parents who loved me way to much and convinced me early on that I was the perfect child, who could do know wrong and get anything I wanted. In short I was a spoiled brat. Both of my brothers will attest to this and are quit certain that they got the short end of the stick when it came to life, hell, I think that they probably are thinking, “Stick”? “Stick”! “Who the hell got a stick”? “Why, did Leah get a stick”!

So when my Glenny came along, whether  by accident or not  he gave me a run for my money. For a good 2 months we had been out and about looking for the perfect engagement ring.  My favorite so far had been one I’d found at Spence Diamonds,  but Glenn had convinced me it was too expensive to get so we needed to keep looking, and look we did!  We went everywhere, and of course after a couple of months of this it is getting pretty old.  Glenn knew I was getting impatient and told me that we could speed things along if maybe we bought the ring at a place like Consumers Distributing, Wal-Mart or Zellers.  I was horrified, did he not realize Consumers isn’t even around any more and as for Wal-Mart or Zellers.  My little boyfriend in grade two did better than that, when he stole his mothers engagement ring to give me, (naturally my mom made me give it back).  I know now that Glenn was splitting a gut inside at what I’m sure was a look of horror on my face, he was pretty much on to me by this time and thought he would have a little fun at my expense.

I had to think quickly, I really loved this guy and I didn’t think he realized just how greedy I was and secondly I didn’t really want him to know it.  Maybe if I went along with him I could gently show him the error of his ways.  He would become humiliated at the PISS POOR EXCUSE OF A RING HE WANTED ME TO WEAR !  What was he thinking did he have no pride did he think I had no pride!  What is wrong that I deserve this!  Lightbulb turns on in my head – God is punishing me for being selfish and greedy,  this is what I get for not dating guys that rented apartments or had little ambition.  God gave me a guy to love that’s CHEAP!  Because if nothing I am considerate and know when I have to buck up, so off I trudged to Wal-mart, Zellers, and anywhere else that was CHEAP, plus I kept my Negative Nelly thoughts to myself, (It’s the least I could do for love).

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6 Responses to “Torment. Sometimes it’s good for the soul.”

  1. I hear Home Depot is starting to carry rings too.

    (For real, though, have you seen the freaking rings at Costco? They’re awesome!)

  2. chelle said

    hehehe Your ring adventures are so fun to read!

  3. Jessie said

    I am LOL (which is very funny as I am at work!) Your thought process is quintessential “Women’s thinking” It could be familial as my husband uses this for his amusment as well(how long did glenn make you sweat it out for?) You always tried to tell me that as ladies we deserved the best…what are our daughters going to be like.??

  4. Josie said


    I can’t wait to see what happens next. It sounds like you guys were meant for each other.

  5. Damselfly said

    I’m intrigued! I’ve read all four parts to your love story so far! I can’t wait to see what the next part of the story will be!

  6. Stephanie said

    I used to be the same way, although I didn’t grow up a spoiled brat.. we were poor. I’ve become a spoiled woman. I don’t like cheap things but I am changing that. Instead of bying the best and most expensive…. we buy what’s cheap that will work. I am trying to change. You’ll have to ask my husband if it is working.

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