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The chicken or the egg

Posted by leahtard on April 25, 2007


We have two chickens in this picture and one egg.

I know everyone has their own thoughts on this and I’m going to tell you mine in just a moment but first the lead up. The other day I was sent one of those e-mails from a newish friend who wanted to know more about me. I always fill them in because for one they are always a little different every time you get one, and secondly often my answers change and if I can remember its neat to think about that change.

One of the questions in this e-mail was, what do you think came first the chicken or the egg. You of course are suppose to answer either “chicken” or “egg”. Now I have been asked this question many times before, mostly in and around junior high when teachers are trying desperately to get you to think about anything. Your answer is usually quite wish washy without any real substance behind it, not because your a dough-head but because you just do not have any life experience to back it up. I’m not saying that the chicken/egg question is rocket science, take the question and make it what you like but it is a question meant to get you thinking and to help in creating an opinion.

My personal opinion is that the chicken came first. Simply because if you took the same question and said who came first the mommy or the baby, you would have to say the mommy. I for one can not possibly believe that God in his infinite wisdom would put a poor little baby person/baby chicken here on earth with nobody to care for it. The number one reason being that unless you are a little pink worm you do not need a mother to survive. Far as I know all higher functioning creatures need nurturing in order to live, to thrive and to continue on the species whatever that may be.


6 Responses to “The chicken or the egg”

  1. chelle said

    hehe although I have not given it the same attention and thought you have, I would have to agree, Mommies come first!

  2. That’s a Leah-ism if I’ve ever heard one!

  3. You know… I have thought of this every so often and I have to agree. God in his infinite wisdom would not put something on the earth, without something to care for it and I am not talking about the dog who adopted chipmunks… it had to have a mommy so I say mommies aka Chickens came first.

  4. Tracy said

    After reading your blog today I thought about your answer, while I do agree
    with you that Chicken would have to come first, this is my take. In
    actuality GOD himself was and is the very first chicken, everything HE
    creates, He nutures from the moment He starts his plan. Therefore any eggs
    that arrived on earth has first be given nuturing by GOD himself and
    therefore GOD is overall the one and only the first ever Chicken. Of course
    what do I know, I thought Christmas was Jesus’s actual birthday, till
    someone burst that balloon for me.

  5. Damselfly said

    Leahtard, that is the best answer to the chicken/egg question I have ever heard.

  6. Catherine said

    I totally agree. And, I actually remember giving this some serious thought at one point. The chicken CAN live without the egg. The egg cannot live without the chicken. There you go.

    Hooray for all chickens and eggs everywhere! 🙂

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