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Who let the Blog out?

Posted by leahtard on April 23, 2007

My friend at MMTaM wanted to come visit me about 5 weeks ago and insisted I start a Blog. Now I have only had my computer since Christmas and have not used one in years, because, well, I have been at home with babies for years and the thought of a Blog was not only extremely daunting but also asinine, into my 3rd month with this computer and I was still not able to send a attachment I was barely getting my e-mail. Once here Nic lovingly set me up, got my page together gave me some hints and was on her way. I thought this is stupid, I don’t want to do it and she can’t make me, all this thing is is a public journal. By day 3 I was feeling a lot of guilt, after all Nic had set this thing up for me the least I could do is try, and letting a friend down after they have tried to help is too me one of the worst things you can do in my books. Nic believed in me, told me I could do it, actually more like insisted I do it.

Very quickly, I discovered I really liked this, it was fun and holy crap, people were reading what I wrote. It was almost like a little adrenalin rush. I would log on at all times of the day to see how many people had come to see my site ( I am still doing this). Hoping someone would write something back so then I could reply, oh what fun I have been missing all these years! My children and husband have also noticed my love for this thing called a Blog. When Glenn asks “Where is you mom, Viv”. She would reply “At the darn computer again”. Then another time Viv asked me why I liked the computer so much and I had to truthfully tell her that I was not really sure and that sometimes I actually hated it. She looked very confused and said “mama, that sure is strange”. She is only 4!

Today we were driving home from the city and here was our conversation.

Viv: What are we going to do when we get home?

Daddy: Mommy’s got to let her Blog out.

Viv: Daddy we don’t have a dog.

Daddy: Mommy has a Blog and she has to feed it.

Alex: Daddy!? What are you taaaalking about?

Daddy: Leah have you checked the Blog today, I mean honey was it really okay for us to leave it all by itself for the whole day?

Mommy: (Snickering) I’m not that bad!

Daddy: I hope the Blog is okay, I’m worried we have never left the Blog alone for this long before, what it if the blog is hungry, what if the Blog missed it’s other Blog friends, Leah, what if the Blog is lonely!

Alex: Daddy I don’t see the train! There is no train, Alex has train on the brain and is just always looking for one.


Daddy: But, Viv mommy does have a Blog and she needs to get home right away to make sure it is loved and cared for.

Soon they were all singing “Who let the Blog out, who, who, who, who!

This went on for most of the thirty five minute trip home. My poor children were so confused, and I came to the realization that just maybe I spend a bit to much time on the computer, but oh well, I don’t really care! It’s a lot of fun, so now it’s out I’m a geek. Thanks Nic!


6 Responses to “Who let the Blog out?”

  1. You’re not a geek – you’re normal! Welcome to this century!

    I do love that song though. We should record it.


  2. Catherine said

    Hi Leah, nice to meet you! I came via your comment on HBM.

    I KNOW!!! Blogging is so addicting, isn’t it?? Finally, a way to leave the house and hang out with friends without actually going anywhere. 🙂

    I’m still LOLing about your title and tag line, by the way…

  3. MMTaM's mom said

    You’re a nice geek Leah. I enjoyed your post.

  4. tmac said

    I so love Glenn’s sense of humour. You should try the phone too it works well for communicating.

  5. chelle said

    hahaha Blogging is so addicting!

  6. Damselfly said

    Look what she started!

    It’s a good thing too because I enjoy reading your posts.

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