Not actually a tard.

Spring is in the air

Posted by leahtard on April 4, 2007

Here are my kidlets, cute as can be, if one just looks you too will see. My little towheads smiling with all their might, if you only knew that two minutes later they were having a fight!

Yes, I know my poetry is pathetic but it is true, Alex stole Vivian’s lip gloss. Truth be told I understood her anger, I myself could not get by with out my lip gloss it is the one thing I take everywhere (my favorite is M.A.C. lip glass).

This brings to mind something I love, and that is make-up/beauty products. From about junior high when I was first allowed to wear a tasteful amount of make up (Bonnie Bell), to senior high when I wore way to much(Cover girl), to College (M.A.C.). Pamela Anderson just got really huge, and big hair with really heavy make up was in. I for the most part don’t think I looked that trashy, MMTaM usually was right there with me showing a little less skin, but we always thought we looked HOT! Okay, we did look Hot! I also might add VERY, VERY, tame by todays standards, but I do remember going to teaching practicum dressed way to racy! Today thank God, I do not dress like that any more and my make up is… say less intense. I still love big hair and getting glammed up when we are going out but now my favorite part is buying it.


7 Responses to “Spring is in the air”

  1. I love that picture! They look so sweet and innocent. (Not possibly related to you…)


    Can I have one to frame? Pretty please!

    (Oops – I was still logged in as you from this morning…)

  2. I’m back, since you’ve added to the post. Did you miss me?

    I love your poetry. I still have the birthday card you made me when I turned 18. The BG laughs his ass off whenever I pull it out.

    Hmmm…maybe I should pull out my old scrapbook and scan the pantyhose pic for our fans?

    And…MAC lipglass rocks. You were the one that got me addicted to it.

  3. Jessie said

    They are so adorable! And I too Understand, no one should come between a girl and her make-up.

    Oh big hair I miss you so! How did we ever keep it that way without someone setting us on fire? That took small countries worth of hairspray to keep big.

    I’ve always admired your style Leah, You have your pulse on fashion, and I see the apple does not fall far from the tree. (and I agree M.A.C. Rocks!)

  4. Kris said

    What a great pic of your children!

  5. MMTaM's mom said

    What a beautiful picture. Your children are adorable. Happy Easter!

  6. brian said

    …..i dunno about this…..

  7. Melinda said

    Hi Leah—–

    What a cool page. Where do you find the time? I think I have some free time in the year 2020? Got to go.

    Take care

    Love Mel

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