Not actually a tard.

Kinda crazy

Posted by leahtard on April 2, 2007

One of my closest and dearest friends MMTaM commented that maybe I’m kinda crazy, this is probably mostly true, (hence Leahtard, not my real name mostly). I don’t think I’m OCD or anything and med’s should only be factored in if I did not like my behavior, or if I could not get on with my day because I had to shut every door in the house 3x before I could leave it(which I do not). I am actually quite partial to my say, uniqueness and often try to convince others how much easier their life would be if only they would convert and try to be a little more ahhhh, organized. Of course though I do have the odd idiosyncrasy certainly not more that most, I do like things a certain way (and so do the vast majority of my friends). I do see the connection.

I use to get quite put out if things were changed. My brothers use to rip the labels off my shampoo bottles to bug me. Another friend when she came over use to mix up my alphabetized food cans and turn them so the label did not show, and then wait to see how long till I noticed. I think everyone is a little like this somewhere in their lives and then somewhere along the way you get a job, have to pay bills, get married and have kids and all those things that you use to have time to chew your cud on sort of disappear.

I’ll have to ask MMTaM but I don’t think there are to many Somalians worried about the spacing between their coat hangers or making sure their food doesn’t touch on their plate. My guess is that a lot of people, myself included have way to much time on their hands. Yes, I am lucky enough to stay at home and yes sometimes I even complain about the amount of laundry and gripe about my children, but in the end I am so lucky to have a fantastic husband who works his butt off for me and rarely says no. I am also thankful for friends and family that care and love my family with all of our oddities and that is good because I’m certain it is genetic, in this house we are all kinda crazy. But in a good way!


5 Responses to “Kinda crazy”

  1. Oh… I think we are all this way, in our own, special little ways. I, too, can’t have my food on my plate touching, and my cans in my cupboards have to be ordered and their labels have to be facing out, all of them, even if there are a couple cans stacking behind another can.. their labels have to be ‘facing’ as well. It’s just the way I am. I think that is why my husband and I get in so many bickerings, because he does things differently and that bugs me. I love it when others are like that.

  2. chelle said

    Ok there is irony here if Nic is the one commenting on organization crazy! hehe!

    I think your right, everyone has their own quirkiness and that makes us fascinating and so less boring.

    You would hate my cupboards though …. Muwahaha

    I do fold all my plastic grocery bags (like I do believe NIC taught me to!)

  3. Heh. That’s a great post!

    You’re totally crazy, but that’s one of the many things that I love about you.

    I’m organizing crazy (used to be, when I had free time anyway) and you’re clean crazy. The nice thing about real friends is that we love each other because of it and not in spite of it. You know?

  4. Damselfly said

    A real-life friend was just telling me she thinks she’s OCD, and even though she didn’t convince me, I sympathize with her because *she* truly thinks she is. I hope I helped her see — as you obviously already do, since you pointed out how so many people have some bit of “craziness” in them and how grateful you are for so many things — that even if she thinks her behavior is obsessive, it’s not to the point it’s ruining her life! That’s the key. For me anyway.

  5. Josie said

    I think it would be boring if we weren’t all a little “Spun” as my loving teenager refers to me.

    A little crazy may be what is keeping me from the four padded walls…

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