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What have you done!

Posted by leahtard on March 31, 2007

It takes a lot to make me truly angry, mad, upset or whatever you want to call it, but today I was pushed over the edge. My little girl who I think has the most beautiful platinum blond hair in the world, cut her own hair! This child was bald till she was two and a half and I have lovingly nurtured its growth. I use only use organic, sulfate free- bla, bla, bla, shampoo on her hair and always salon products when she needed them (and what child does not at 4). I would brush and braid and dry and have to admit she had the nicest hair in her class, heck the whole school. Well, that’s not quite true one little girls is nicer but it’s blond and super curly and that can not be beat. I digress…. You may have figured that I have a serious love for her hair.

I ranted, I raved, and generally had a melt down till slowly I got a grip on reality and assessed the damage. 3, 8 or 9 inch chunks of hair all in(thank the dear God above) really inconspicuous places that can be hidden easily and grow out with out to much notice.

You maybe asking yourself what was this child doing with scissors unsupervised. Well before everyone gets their panties in a knot. Vivian has her own little craft desk with all the goodies she needs for simple projects including children’s scissors, and is allowed to play with all of it so long as she asks and I know what she is doing. Needless to say Viv now knows she is not responsible enough to have scissors in her desk anymore and will have to earn the privilege back.

Does anyone else have hair issues with their daughters? Or is it just me? Let me know.


6 Responses to “What have you done!”

  1. Get some good pictures!

  2. leahtard said

    You can not really tell, but I need to do the picture thing soon.

  3. chelle said

    Oh my! I had tears in my eyes reading this! Becca was bald as an eagle forever too, and I have been trying to grow it out with much pain and suffering. I think part of me would have died seeing that!!!!

  4. Janice said

    I have a son, but I did the same thing as your daughter, only worse. The week before picture day at Kindergarten, I locked myself in the bathroom with hair scisors and cut off all my hair in chunks. My mother had to take me to a hairdresser to even it out and give me a “pixie” cut. I brought a friend home from school one day, who, when I was out of the room, asked my mother if I was a boy or a girl! It was dresses from then on. . .

  5. leahtard said

    Janice, my mom tells me I did it to, it must be some sort of right of passage for girls. I hope it is only a one time thing

  6. Damselfly said

    Ah, doesn’t every girl cut her own hair at least once as a kid? I did — right before school pictures, giving my mother a heart attack.

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