Not actually a tard.

Thank God for two bathrooms!

Posted by leahtard on March 24, 2007

This morning everyone woke up happy and cheery, daddy made breakfast and I rolled around in bed a few extra minutes. After that was all done we put the kids in the tub because, well, they stink. Not just regular kid stink but after surgery ear infection stink (I do bath them most everyday), anyway tra-la-la-la-la. Viv says “I smwell somping stinky”! So dad takes a peek in the tub hoping to see nothing or at worst a floater but no suck luck. Aparently Alex’s bowels are moving again and quite fast I might add. We quickly pull the kids out of the tub rinse them off with the shower and put them in the other tub to finish their bath. The good part to all of this is that we have a great reason to throw out some bath toys! Yum.


5 Responses to “Thank God for two bathrooms!”

  1. AhHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s freaking hilarious!

  2. Jenny said

    Poor little guy … but oh my GOD that is so funny!!

  3. Oh yum!!! THat is always nice! I hope the little ones get better and you all can get back to ‘normal’. BTW, I am stopping by from, MMTaM!

  4. I have added you to my blogroll!!!

  5. MMTaM's mom said

    Great blog! Normally I’m a “lurker”, but I wanted to say hello. Keep it up – and get some new bath toys!
    MMTaM’s mom.

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