Not actually a tard.


Posted by leahtard on March 19, 2007

Well here I go. Wednesday Alex (my 2 year old peanut) had his tonsils and adenoids removed at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, your stay is two days and one night of unadulterated hell. Now I have always prided myself on being somewhat of a “Supermom Extraordinair”  we have 2-3 pool parties a week and all mommies enjoy pineapple vodka slushies in martini glasses with cherries and grenadine. We are all about having a good, great, nope…..a fantastic time. Needless to say that was not what was happening with Alex. The nurses kept saying “He is so cute, wow I’m glad we gave him his own room, he is loud.” Now I have to be honest with myself and confess that although I knew this would not be fun I had no idea how absolutely horrid it would be. Of course poor Alex suffered too, after all his snores are all gone now and it must have been hard for him in his very drug induced state to realize that I was having a harder time keeping it together that him.Later that night in a small town in southern Alberta…… A daddy(Glenn) and a daughter(Vivian) were having a relaxing evening watching Faritopia the Mermadia edition while eating the special Macaroni that only and I really mean only daddy can make. Soon it was time for bed and the little girl was tucked in with warm blankies and icy cold water for sipping. Sounds lovely till one hears that lovely gaging and retching sound that makes all parents wake up and freeze hoping it goes away. It never does and seconds later comes that last tell tail gurgle and then SPLUSH. Yuck! Splashing puke everywhere.

Often times I am torn between consoling the sick kidlet and cleaning, because yes of course you want console them but now there is also puke on you. I don believe that it is possible to remain puke free during an episode like this but why does it always happen the day I wash the sheets.

I digress, I was not the one home that night I was in the Hospital with Alex still. Daddy chalked the puking up to a big day out with Grandma, the next day she was fine or so it seemed. Friday morning I’m in the bath with her and brushing her hair and what do I find but kooties! Her ear drum ruptured and she had lovely, goopy, smoodge crusted to her ear, hair and neck. Did she cry nope, did she wine nada, did she complain, that would be beneath her. She said “mommy I’m fine”. Off to the Doctors we go and Viv pukes in the lobby and all over me and Alex. I clean it up then brush us off best as I can and continue into the office. Do you know what she say to the Doctor! “I feel good now I just had to get rid of my puke”! God save me. We went home and all had a nap.


6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. This is your first comment! Wheeee!

  2. I don’t have a lot of time today because Alex goes in for his tonsillectomy and adnoid surgery tomorrow, I’ll talk more about it tomorrow.

  3. Oy. The ear drum on top of all that. What a crappy week!

    Hope everyone’s better soon.

    Love you!

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  4. Kris said

    Welcome! Sounds like you had a rough week. Hope this week goes better. You can check out my blog at http://www.goaheadaskme.wordpress.com!

  5. chelle said

    ewwwwww hehehe! Having a second kid in there makes it so much more delicious!

  6. You’re logged in as me from when I set this all up at your house. If you want to comment, change the name, email and url to your info and you’ll show up as yourself.

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